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Dictionary of SMS shortcuts
Here is a list of commonly used SMS shortcuts provided by one of our users. Please send comments and suggestions. Also try the SMS message praser.
SMS Shortcuts
4YEO for your eyes only   IOU1 i owe you 1
2D to delete   IOW in other words
2G4Y too good for you   IRL in real life
4E forever   IWALU I will always love you
AAK asleep at keyboard   J4F just for fun
AFAIK as far as I know   J4I just for information
AFK away from keyboard   JAD just another day
ASAP as soon as possible   JAM just a minute
AT always tomorrow   JAS just a second
ATW at the weekend   JK just kidding
AWHFY Are we having fun yet?   JMO just my opinion
AYOR at your own risc   J2LYK just to let you know
bg big grin   KC keep cool
BBB bye bye baby   KIT keep in touch
BB4E bye bye forever   KMS killing me softly
BBFN bye bye for now   KOTC kiss on the cheek
BBL be back later   KOTL kiss on the lips
BBN bye bye now   L8R later
BBS be back soon   LG lovely greetings
BCDHM be careful, don't hurt me   LHM Lord help me
BF boy-friend   LHU Lord help us
BH blockhead   LL&P Live long and in prosper!
BION believe it or not   LMHO laughing my head off
BMHWB be my hot-water bottle   LOL lots of laughing/lots of love
BNSCD but now something completely different   LSHMBIB laughing so hard my belly is bouncing
BRB be right back   LSHMBH laughing so hard my belly hurts
BTW by the way   LTM laughing to myself
BWL bursting with laughter   LTNS long time no see
C&G chuckle and grin   LUTA let us talking again
CB Ciao Bella/bello   LYWAMH love you wih all my heart
CIBM Could it be magic?   LY love you
CID crying in disgrace   MC Merry Christmas
CM call me   MCAAHNY Merry Christmas and a happy new year
CMM change(d) my mind   MCIBTY my computer is better than yours
CONP continued on next page   MG many greetings
COFR cry out for revenge   MM mail me
CP chat post   MTF more to follow
CPF Can pigs fly?   MU miss you
CSG chuckle, snicker, grin   N4E never forever
CU see you   NA no access
CUIAL see you in another live   NALOPKT not a lot of people know that
CUL see you later   NC no comment
CUT see you tomorrow   NES never ending story
DAE dreams are empty   NN nothing new
DAK dead at keyboard   NP no problem
DK don't know   NRN no reply necessary
DLTBBB don't let the bed bugs bite   NSN never say never
DLMBM don't let me be misunderstood   NT no trust
DLYVM don't like you very much   NU need you
DOM dirty old man   NWO no way out
DPWM don't play with me   O4U only for you
DTRT do the right thing   OIC oh, I see
DUR Do you remember?   OL Ol' Lady (wife)
DYSWIS do you see what I see   OM Ol' Man (husband)
DWBH don't worry be happy   OOSOOM out of sight, out of mind
DWIM do what I mean   OTOH on the other hand
E2EG ear to ear grin   OTTOMH off the top of my head
EMSG E-mail MeSsaGe   PC private chat
EOD end of discussion   PDS Please, don't shoot!
EOL end of lecture   PM private message
F2F face to face   PMFJI pardon me for jumping in
FDROTFL faling down, rolling on the floor laughing   PMIGBOM put mind in gear before opening mouth
FLCH feels like coming home   PMP peed my pants
FMM fresh my mind   POAHF put on a happy face
FOAC fall over an cry   POOF left the chatroom in a puff of smoke
FOTCL falling off the chair laughing   QSL reply
FOTKL falling on the keyboard laughing   QSO conversation
FTL faster than light   QT Q-Tip/cutie
FTBOMH from the bottom of my heart   RL real life
FUD fear, uncertainty and doubt   RLAD read, love and die
FWIW for what it's worth   ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing
FYA for your amusement   ROTFUTS rolling on the floor unable to speak
FYE for your entertainment   ROTFWTIME rolling on the floor with tears in my eyes
FYI for your information   RTFM read the ****ing manual
<g> grin   RUOK Are you ok?
GA go ahead   SC stay cool
GAGA go amused, go amazed   SFE2E smiling from ear to ear
GAL get a life   SNERT snot-nosedegotistical rude teenager
GF girl-friend   SNU sender needs you
GFN gone for now   SO significant other
GIGO garbage in, garbage out   SOL sooner or later
GLGH good luck and good hunting   SOT short of time
GLIW got lost in web   SOTMG short of time must go
GMBA giggling my butt off   SWAK sealed with a kiss
GMTA great minds think alike   SWL screaming with laughter
GOK God only knows   SYS see you soon
GOOML get out of my life   TA thanks again
GOWI get on with it   TAC times are changing
GTSY glad to see you   TAF that's all folks
H2SYS hope to see you soon   TILII tell it like it is
H&K hugs and kisses   TIME tears in my eyes
HABU have a better un'   TMS touch my soul
HB happy birthday   TNT till next time
HB2U happy birthday to you   TOY thinking of you
HAGN have a good night   TP turn pale
HAND have a nice day   TT till tomorrow
HANT have a nice time   T2YL talk to you later
HF have fun   TUVM thank you very much
HHIS hanging head in shame   UAD you are drunk
HSIK how should I know   UBD user brain damage
HTH hope that helps   UMMC you make ma crazy
HUMM hope you miss me   UMML you make me laugh
IAC in any case   UNAST you need a special training
IC I see   VBG very big grin
IGP I gotta pee   W4U waiting for you
IGTP I got the power   wb welcome back
IHA I hate abbreviations   WT without thinking
IHU I hate you   WTH Who the heck?/What the hell?
IITRT it is the right time   WUWH wish you were here
IKU I kill you   Y! typically male
ILU I love you   YAFIYGI you ask for it, you got it
IMO in my opinion   YBL You'll be sorry!
IMHO in my humble opinion   YG young gentleman
IMNSHO in my not so humble opinion   YL young lady
IMPOV in my point of view   YM young man

To be included:
OTW = Outta this World
OTFW = Outta this f-ing world
OTRW = Outta the real world


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