Send messages
from your computer
to cell phones
For Developers
Connect to SMS Everywhere messaging gateway from your applications.

Using the API developers can create their own messaging applications with the language
of their choice following the guidelines below. To send a message, data is posted over
HTTP to SMS Everywhere servers.

Add text messaging to your application or website.
Account manager allows to keep track of messages.
Set the header e-mail address.
No need to know the phone company/carrier.

SMS Everywhere Developer API - complete description

API-2000 2,000 /month $39/month
API-5000 5,000 /month $89/month
*Set-up is free. You will NOT be billed automatically next month.

API Instructions Sign-up Now

Use the SMS Everywhere API to send data over http. Follow the example to create an application
in your language.

You can also get a dedicated SMS Everywhere server.

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