Want to distribute video to phones? This platform is what you need: encoding videos, streaming to cell phones, and ensuring compatibility across various mobile networks all-in-one.

With over 800 million cell phones capable of video-streaming expected in 2008, mobile video market is rapidly growing. The growing video streaming market would be eager to take advantage of services that allow easy distribution of video content to mobile phones. Mobile Video Sender can be used by individuals and business users in order to disseminate content to mobiles.


It is Julia’s first time in South Africa. In her hotel room, there is a guide listing various local attractions. An advertisement of a safari tour interests her. Under, the picture, there is a number she can dial in order view a video infomercial about the safari on her cell phone. When the number is dialed, Mobile Video Sender sends the tour video to your mobile. Julia benefits from the additional information. The hotel chain or the tour agency benefits from cost minimization due to reduced costumer service.